Eylon Mogilner B.Sc.PT

With keen interest in methods that facilitate self-healing, Eylon transitioned from the Israeli technology sector in 2008 to obtain a Physical Therapy degree at the University of Perugia in Italy.

In Italy Eylon continued his Bachelor Thesis idea about safe falling techniques to prevent injuries in older adults, based on his Martial Art background in Aikido and his approach to Motor control based on functional observation . Eylon successfully ran group workshops throughout the province of Umbria.  Later on the curriculum will evolve to become
Own The Floor™ method.

In parallel, Eylon provided pelvic floor rehabilitation, collaborating with the best Gynecologists and Andrologist in the province. During this work Eylon recognized the need to develop better biofeedback instrumentation in this field.


Eylon arrived in Saskatoon in 2014 to participate in a research at the University of Saskatchewan.
By leveraging his clinical knowledge in pelvic floor rehabilitation and his hands-on product development background, Eylon helped to develop a novel intra-vaginal probe that will finally shed light on how the pelvic floor actually functions in real life, to prevent the ever so common incontinence and prolapse issues.

Between 2016-2018 Eylon provided Physical Therapy services in several Saskatchewan's public healthcare regions, with a restricted Canadian Physiotherapy license*.

Eylon also volunteered as a Forever in Motion
class leader in 2018-2019.

* Clarification: Eylon's current rehabilitation services are not physical therapy. This allows him to provide superior rehabilitation results.


Eylon at work in Canada