1 minute to Reverse your (functional) age

Kudos for you for checking this page, which the Saskatoon Living 55 Plus told you about.

By practicing daily Own The Floor™, you will be limber, resilient with better performing brain. how come?

Eylon Mogilner defined the four basic moves you need to practice to master falling safely, and broke down these moves to smaller segments you learn to perform in a mindful way.
That way you learn to move in a new way, outside of the old pattern.

By learning how to do Own The Floor™ even better using Ageless Motion™ skills, such as active spine decompression, Ageless Motion belly breathing, soft vision and other skills, you can feel deep sense of well-being after one minute. With time the way you practice Own The Floor™ will become a second nature for you and will naturally assimilate with your lifestyle.