Pisa to the Floor - a concept from Own the Floor Fall prevention program

leaning tower of Pisa

In almost every one of my Own the Floor classes, I develop a new image that help convey a specific concept ... I love to teach ;) To be realistic, in a real life situation, when a fall starts, you already find yourself in a leaning posture, your upper part of the body is OUT of the secured "envelope" created by your legs Base of Support (BOS). So you fall. This angular momentum creates a LARGE amount of energy that in a second or so, will translate to the amount of impact force your body (bones most likely) will abruptly absorb. We want to reduce as much as possible that potential energy with which we arrive to the floor. regardless of the exact strategy, we would like ALWAYS to keep an alignment of a Pisa tower while lowering our body to the floor using our legs (squatting), thus converting as much of the energy to a mechanical energy to be absorbed by our lower extremity muscles. (mind that no like the Pisa tower, the base can move ...) This Pisa alignment will: a. allow as to maintain a horizontal cuing and harness to the fullest the vestibular sense. b. it will eliminate any angular energy (a falling broomstick is the worst case scenario). c. allow a controlled squat after which a final maneuver like a specific expansion or rolling technique can be applied. There is much more to be said about the Pisa alignment, and I hope I aroused your interest in this well developed program. In this Youtube clip, you can see a student of mine, in her 70's, trying to apply the Pisa alignment, as well as other very precise concepts/ bio-mechanics. Quite good of a 4th encounter, right ? Eylon Mogilner, www.agelessmotion.com