#22RiseUpChallenge - Why we are doing this challenge - Eylon's day3

December 8, 2016

The RiseUp maneuver which incorporates getting down and up from the ground/floor, is essential in a culture that is addicted to chairs. 

When we loose this fundamental ability to relate with the floor we become handicapped in the most subtle way. We are really blind to this process. 
Then it is only a matter of time when Fear of Falling (FOF) is creeping in. 

The #22RiseUpChallenge is to raise awareness to prevent fear of falling, a silent epidemic in seniors.

This video was originally published as a Facebook Live and become a vivid Facebook public post and vivid post at my personal Facebook profile.

In this video I talk about organizing your descent to the floor by organizing the input from your senses (vestibular. vision, articulation position / proprioceptive , etc)  around your Center of Mass (COM), NOT around the hand that create the initial contact with the upper body.
That hand should only be like a gentle guide to a track that was already formed by the COM.
YOU are welcome to join the conversation here or on Facebook. I promise to answer questions,

For your health,
Eylon Mogilner



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