Lizard Blade exercise - prevent wrist fractures

A basic tutorial on how to do the Lizard Blade exercise , as part of a LIVE Facebook broadcast on the 1st of January 2017. The original Facebook video/post can be found here.

Clip time-line: 0:50 - Lizard Blade, what this exercise serve for? Mainly saving your wrist from fractures due to FOOSH.

FOOSH is an acronym for a type of injury of the upper extremity (arm). It stands for Fall on Outstretched Hand. A FOOSH injury occurs when you try to break a fall on your outstretched hand. 1:30 the biomechanis of FOOSH.

Who fracture from FOOSH? Children, seniors but also women that are post-menopause and therefore suffer from osteoporosis.

Graph - incidence in adult

The RISK of FOOSH / Colles' / Distal Radius Fractures is avoidable !

2:40 - Apply the Lizard blade to front fall, 90 degrees (45 degree from each side of your central line). The other 270 dgrees are more effectly managed with back rolls.

Minute 3:30 the Lizard Blade end position. Try to be extremely comfortable and familiarize witn this position as this is the position you should strive to reach once you trip or stumble forward. Get familiar with the sensation you have in the Lizard Blade position.

Minute 4:30 The Burpee exercise, if you use it when you fall, you might brea your wrist, elbow or clavicle.

Minute 5:00 The Samurai sword

Minute 5:50 The SHAPE of the Samurai sword The radius of the sword is bigger than a giant wheel Like an egg, dissipate the energy and even allows Horton the Elephent to sit on it ;)

Minute 7:15 How the Samurai sword apply for the Lizard blade

Minute 8:00 How to connect the Center of our Bodies mass (COM) Ageless Motion principle to the Samurai sword

Minute 9:00 סוף מעשה במחשבה תחילה - End result/goal in thought first. This is the meaning of a true dynamic balance, where you reverse engineer the movement and thus the muscle activation to reach the position/sensation.

In science we use the concept of anticipatory or Feed-forward, with which you construct a motor program to reach a specific motor result.

Minute 10:00 The Ageless Motion concept of our Body Center Of Mass (COM). Mainly you need to bring your attention to the line of your hips and lightly tuck your pelvis.

Minute 11:00 How to connect the Blade / Samurai sword to the general movement, with mild forearm supination, the pinky finger leads and the slight curve of the entire arm.

Minute 12:20 The role of the Serratus anterior (SA) muscle AND connecting to the COM. Cuing on SA activation in open loop.

Minute 13:00 using the muscles/mechanical energy to absorb the kinetic/potential energy.

Minute 13:30 Summary.

The Lizard Blade is a whole movement in the way nature meant us to move, thus reducing back pain and keeping us truly safe from fracturing our hands/arms/shoulders from falling with outstretched hands.