22RiseUp, initial progression in your bed.

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#22RISEUPCHALLENGE & Agelessmotion.com tips to master the RiseUp Nov 14th Points talked in this Clip, Start at Minute 1:10 _______________________ 1:10 New #22RISEUPCHALLENGE ... as important as walking. 2:20 use your BED for the first steps of the RiseUp maneuver. it is softer and you don't need to get down to the floor to start with ... 3:40 - imagery of a hurricane/Tornado coming from the CENTER. 4:00 the floor/mat as a mirror for the body, relax and develop your own vocabulary of sensations. no RUSH. compare by symmetry to 5:00 the Frog, the 1st stage of the RiseUp maneuver 5:50 connecting the movement to the emotions and thoughts implementation of the law of the 3. "I am being called" , dignity , to be at the eye level of my peers. 7:10 - more about the Frog, not linear but following the hip capsule natural pathway. more specific. 8:43 - from the Frog to the contra-lateral hip joint 10:00 the CENTER. 13:00 tuck / retro-version of pelvis using Ilio-psoas eccentrically. 15:20 The Center - How to project the center in the RiseUp maneuver. 18:20 2 cues to move from the center, around the spine and figure 8-infinity symbol from a hip to the counter shoulder. 19:30 LATERAL Shifting - micro intra-rotation from the Hip joint - rounding - Bell - the background for correct Pelvic floor activation. 21 - the Expansion principle - as relates to the gravitational line and as sphere. 23:00 - Dynamic stability - how Ageless Motion interpret this vague term in a super functional way.