Move your cells - all your cells

I heard the below talk with Katy Bowman. Katy's reasoning really resonate with some of the Ageless Motion principles and observation about movement as nutrition and what movement really should be thought as. Instead of doing exercises with more or less intensely as a highly specialized form separated from how we actually "hold" ourself 24/7, we can learn how to make our entire body more engaged, as nature intended.

Katy's idea about how gravity effects the cellular level, and standing has "higher" gravitational" effect on our body's cells is important. Even more important is the concept of quality of movement, as we can move/stand/squat in a disconnected way, in a way that does not integrate our muscles/fascia/nervous system with our intention and line of gravity. actually, it is super rare to see a person that moves correctly in the modern life as we never had to learn how to use our body. I have invested most of 2016 in training in the Ageless Motion principle of Expansion, that when performed correctly, has a floating sensation that radiate from our Center Of Mass. Katy's idea of harnessing / engaging our entire body's cells in away that gravity truly effects them is a different way to look at quality of movement. An interesting indicator.

The ABC of such movement has to see the Pelvis as the prime mover, learn how to reduce to minimal the muscular contraction and unite the entirety of your body with your intention and line of gravity. I wish that you will "workout", or much better move 24/7 in a way that effect your entire cells with the same gravitational force. (in Aikido there are some concept that strive to do that, including the notion of being like an even balloon in all your body).