Ageless Motion Breathing

My friends,

First of all, breathing is not only about breathing. it is a gate to calm your nervous system.

When we were babies and toddlers, we breathed using our thoracic diaphragm muscle in a particular way that kept us stress free. I know we didn't have the urban stressors on our heads yet, but our body worked as nature intended to.

When people hear about Ageless Motion breathing, they as k me how many times they should do it a day. it always entertain me. Ageless Motion breathing is the way you should breathe 24/7. point. it instantly calms the vagus nerve in the most tangible way, radiating heat from you guts and provide a deep sense of wellbeing. Though there are "techniques" to use breathe in a voluntary way, if its in Yoga, or other practices, in which there is a count of breathes, timing of pauses or intensity, in Ageless Motion Breathing we let the Autonomous system figure out what is comfort for us, therefore reducing any risk related to artificial habits that may be aroused from non-physiological breathing, as mentioned by Gurdjieff as well.

Please check my 40 minute Live tutorial I did about Ageless Motion breathing on Facebook

A Facebook Live stream Eylon made on Ageless Motion Breathing - screen shot