A motor program of a graceful fall IS the requisite for relaxation once a fall occurs

A motor program of a graceful fall IS the requisite for relaxation once a fall occurs.

You cannot relax if you did not practice beforehand how you safely resolve a potentially dangerous event, like a fall.

Therefore, Fear Of Fall (FOF) can be proactivly addressed if the correct maneuvers, i.e. motor programs, are practiced, as in Own the Floor fall prevention exercise program.

But the health-care industry is oriented to safety practices that reduce the risk of being sued by individuals. it is cynical to say it, but that is the truth.

none of official fall prevention exercise program out there in the world include teaching seniors how to correctly fall. Below is a prime example, of people from the "establishment" telling seniors NOT to practice fall. Just to relax once a fall occurs, which is impossible for several reasons.

example of falling laterally

Firstly, it's impossible as the fear is real. If you do not have an adequate motor response , if you have NO relationship with the floor other than your erect posture, you have a void. It's like falling from the skies. rigidity comes along and the potential of lowering your height and dissipate the energy is canceled. Emotions are FAST. The decision to be proactive, to have that feeling of certainty that translates to "I am capable to address this and reduce the severity of the fall", is thousands time faster than the motor program that is actually in charge of the motor execution. For seniors my message is simple. Don't wait for somebody to teach you how to fall. Nobody is going to to that for you. Empower yourself. I have the tools.

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