Skipping the joy in your life

In Ageless Motion classes, when it's dawn on people they are going to develop Fear of Fall or that they are already challenged in controlling the chair-to-floor space, they ask, but WHY? Yesterday, in the Ageless Motion class, when I was asked that again, I gave an engaging practical answer. We forget how to enjoy the sense of movement itself and we progressively reduce our motor repertoire up to a point in which we are left with standing up from a chair and awkwardly rolling out of bed, until also this is forgotten as well. A combination of weakness, motor impoverishment which require work to re-learn and joint-related degeneration due to lack of proper mobility are key factors to this negative spiral. These are modifiable risk factors, guys! When was the last time you skipped?? Just by yourself, with a song in your heart and a spring in your heel, enjoying the lightness and sense of hovering in the thin air? I urge to to put on a tiny smile and after a short waking, take a few moderate bounces. Tell me how it felt. Post a video of you skipping and your story using the #SkippingTheJoy hashtag. Come back for specific skipping tutorial with cues to re-learn how to do it in a safe and even more enjoyable manner. Reclaim your sense of weightlessness!

picture taken from this charming blog