Preventing fragility fractures with the #22RiseUp

In a recent research published in Nature titled "Fatigue as the missing link between bone fragility and fracture" by Claire Acevedo, Claire hypothesis about the impact of process of bone regeneration to the quality of bone, other than the bone mass per se. It is known that the cancellous bones are structured by, as most bridges does, from "beams" named Trabeculae. These Trabeculae/beams are formed in accordance to the long acting mechanical stimulus on our bones from being upright, resisting gravity.

If an elder does not habitually arrive to the ground and back up, and its hip loading in upright mobility is very without spherical aspects, the Trabeculae will not grow/mold in such a way that will be resilient to a maneuver that tries to prevent a fall or the impact of a fall itself. The #22RiseUp loads the hip bone in such a way to develop a superior "architecture" to further help prevent osteoporosis (or at least halt) and the fragility fractures that happen prior to a fall as due to a fall. Start practicing the #22RiseUp today. Be smart ;)