Marketing related conversation I had few months ago

L: ....teaching them "mind-body" leave the old 9 to five. typically yoge teachers have more than 1 interest so i tech them structured framework that supports.. teacher Shakti My (?) from Israel

E: What we developed in University is the most advanced thing, but it still doesn't capture enough what really happens in the pelvic floor and all the area of the interaction between thorasic diaphragm and by extension the interabdominal pressure that you can create and pelvic floor.

I want to develop also biofeedback related products but not what today we see. I'm not into perfectionism but into bring meaningful data from the biofeedback systems, because for me biofeedback is.. our mind (in the end of the day.. is like a black hole), is in search of meaning, so we can apply a feedback.. any physiological wave, any physiological phenomena that our body creates, you can - if you give it to the person back in a way he can.. it can be visual or audible, or other form, the brain somehow figures out how to manipulate it.

The first application of biofeedback in 1950-s, they were mind boggling, now it's much more conservative work. Brain waves activities is really interesting stuff, in the 50-s, So one of the things I want to do in biofeedback and that connected to the quality of movement which is something you cannot compromise, that is connected to AM idea of the motion. There are things that I do in AM, like the Fall Prevention Program that I developed, so you have specific exercises, in order to really develop a fall reflex, fall gracefully reflex, but in the end of the day all the things I do the are only vehicles, the exercises are vehicles to promote principles of AM, which is MIND-BODY.

L: I hear in your voice and your story the passion that you have to this work,... How do I get it out there? How do I make a difference? That will put you into something that people embrace.....

E : I have a fair idea of how I should do it, I struggle not to commercialize it..

L: I'm not even talking about that.., not coaching..

E: I'm actually investing more time in thinking How to promote it, instead of indulging and just stay there, because of every 5 minutes that I'm alone, and just with myself, in a way it is terrible, because I recreate so much content that I can not push it out.

L: Because you have brilliant mind, and it stays up here.. that's about embodying it.. I teach others how to do it.

E: Now I'm looking for a work as physical therapist, that I'll still be in contact. Yesterday I had a workshop,....mother and daughter,... created millions of neurons, we talked about the center, did the exercises that I developed,.. The lady (59) asked why we develop fear of falling? She can't reach the floor in a graceful way. In a linear way she knows how to, but when it comes to sphericity, she , probably for 3 decades, she didn't do it, so it really downed on her. So I asked her : when was the last time you skipped? She said - I don't know. So we started skipping. And she said-it is also unnatural to me.

Eylon is talking about marketing, #,...

When you look at the lifespan of women, man as well, but women are more prone to incontinence and FOF, I made an image of lifespan, it starts as exploration as a baby, then there is a maintenance level, that we enter at adolescence, and slowly slowly we have that progression of the negative spiral. People can't understand FOF, in our human story women in their 40-s see that on their mothers, but still they don't do that generalization. So I can't talk on my experience as a PT. But the human story will stick there, but the human story will stick somewhere, I'll try to ho? it on the body image elements, just what's the minimum to be healthy, I'm trying to really see that element, but their is positive image with joy of movement and the minimum thing that you need to inject to eliminate the sedentary lifestyle, that is something I'm going to use the social media. I'm throwing things you can use as well.

L:.. there are so many things through speak to people in their words. you have so much to tell..

E: ..I applied my concepts for most of my patients. It was a strong validation that things are working. And things I tuned, like AM breathing is something I taught hundreds of people, people with anxiety, pneumonia, kidney problems, everything, knee problems :)

the component of how to activate vagus nerve which I developed in a way I didn't see yet anywhere, and i want to take what I developed, that craftsmanship, how to breath correctly, I'm figuring out how to patent it, this is another line of work.

L: I think a good direction for you is corporate world... can be put into packages, memberships..

E: There is wellness program "Wellness or else"..

.... People see but don't know how to do that, so I'm working on a short pdf that explains directions.. ..certification program...we live in a world of certifications.. from the world of apprentice to the world to certification.. it will change.

Today if you look at the fall prevention industry, programs, it 0.5% of senior fitness industry. But now there is a renaissance, now people get into senior fitness, we have baby boomers that didn't move for 25 years. But it will never integrate the how to fall properly elements, because it is RISKY and nobody wants risk, and that is another big factor that is safety,

I say we as health practitioners have blood on our hands, because we keep our seniors safe until they fall.

In that type of hypocrisy I don't know how to.. ..3rd Law of Newton I use it a master Shigong Painter, he is an artwork by himself. Workshop on internal power, how to apply it in very gentle pushing.

L: ....big challenge people don't know they need it. And we give so much information they are not ready for that , so we have to put it into packages so they can take and absorb. facebook live - ask them to like and share, this is in algorithm as well. Homework-for those who won't come to class every week.

Eylon speaks on lack of discipline :)

L: Do a teaser pdf, 3 steps only, free giveaway.

E: As we age we do less and less thing we did, like hockey.. And we loose the joy of movement, not only a motor program. See my blogpost.

What today is AM in- this polarized, post industrialized world - celebrating humanity. How to skip properly to eliminate injuries.

Baby boomers don't want to address themselves as baby boomers.

2 groups. One- is health related people, positive body, wellbeing,.. Another niche - women in their 55 - 75 that want to stay strong, ... we start slowly, with the floor..

I believe that program for seniors can be executed by their children.