Own The Floor - New Approach To A Fall Prevention Exercise Program, #1

Older adults lose ultimately their quality of life (Social isolation) and actual physical independence (move to assisted living/long term care) only due to Fear Of Falling (FOF) or actual falls. So FITNESS, that is TRUE fitness, in the context of the industrial countries, is being FIT to stay independent at your home, as long as you live, and enjoy doing that :).

And as FOF, Falls frequency and more importantly, the severity of a fall-induced injury are actually modifiable, why not training to be FIT using these metrix, that REALLY count for you.

Yet, the sedentary lifestyle of the older adult causes muscle atrophy and in a context of a chair-addicted society that loses touch with the ground, literally, the challenge to stay on one’s feet without falling in a devastated way is unbridgeable.

Own The Floor™ exercise program was developed from the ground-up to address the needs and health challenges of the older adults in the industrial countries including non-fab natural movement, PROPER technique of posture in daily activity, relaxation and autonomous nervous system resilience and maintain a limber state for the ENTIRE lifespan including proper safe falling techniques.

Expected Milestones after 6 months

  1. Reduction of Fear Of Fall (FOF) Conventional fall prevention exercise program demonstrated the reduction of FOF (1). OTF™ actually address falls themselves, providing actual solutions to a fall, not like the other program that merely try to avoid a fall at all cost. Therefore FOF will be much more decreased and falls will be counter more efficiently. There will be use of forms to quantify the outcomes.

  2. Reduction of chronic pain & limbering up The Gentle and elegant pattern of movement learned in the OTF™, together with the precise Ageless Motion breathing and other syllabus will reduce the chronic pain in a sustainable lasting way, on and off the mats and will make students more agile.

  3. Reduction of the Functional Age by 5 years

  4. New sense of wellbeing Due to the constant practice of the technique that harmonize the autonomic nervous system in daily activity, not only on the mats.

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