1 Breath Time Art, the Epiphany

And than he was stroke by Lighting!

It was a warm, Israeli summer night. Very late, at about 2am, I was working with my brother Emilio, polishing a proposal for an art commission.

I was sleepy, but Emilio asked me "tell me something from the philosophy you have been reading lately". I thought for a second and gave him a sentence from a chapter of O I recently read, "Time is Breath". As Emilio heard this, it was like a lighting went through him, as he lifted his arm up with his index finger pointing upwards. It was quite a sight. Even for me, knowing the intensity Emilio is capable of manifesting in bulks, it was impressive. Shirtless, with loose pants of longitudinal black and white stripes, Emilio stormed into a canvas to make his first #1BreathTime Art painting.

A screenshot from Emilio's Instagram profile,

A screenshot from Emilio's Instagram profile