Getting Up From The Floor After A Fall, A Matter Of Survival

A client asked me if I have seen this MacGyver style video of getting from a floor. Getting up from the floor, or as I like to put it, rise up, is critical for our basic daily independence. It is important to do it well as means of well-being, but you need to make sure you can bloody do it at all for the sake of survival. Remember, staying on a cold hard floor after a fall more than an hour can take a toll on your overall health. Few hours like that could be deadly if you are frail. It is made so well, I think that everyone that has a problem getting off the floor without assistance or objects like a chair should practice this in case of a fall. Actually, even if you can stand up from the floor at ease, still a hard fall can render you unable to get up without help. After you had a fall, don't rush to stand up. Take a nice breath, look around and evaluate how you feel. once you feel fine, organize yourself toward getting off the floor.