Falls, when the definition are black and white

The well accepted definition of a fall, used in the health care system is: "An unexpected event where the person comes to rest on the ground, floor or lower level with or without an injury." The focus is on reporting falls and therefore the definition facilitate this requirement. If you lower a patient slowly to the ground, it is still regarded as a fall, even if the may write in the small letters it was a controlled fall. The hysteria is unleashed once the buttocks of the patient touched the shiny hospital floor, even if there was no damage or impact force. Physiotherapists will boast that this never happened to them, and a patient never reached the ground under their watch. But this requires from the health care to reduce the expectation from the patients. Many older adults arrive to hospital, having an independent life prior, just to enter some level of assistive living institution.

Not only because there aren't enough physiotherapists and this crucial moment that the older adults can deconditione very fast, but also for the fact they will not walk or walk just a bit with the frail, just to boast few years ahead, that to them, such a buttock encounter never happened. #WhenInsurancecontrolpolicy

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Lastly https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/overzealous-in-preventing-falls-hospitals-are-producing-an-epidemic-of-immobility-in-elderly-patients/2019/10/11/d1894374-d8ab-11e9-a688-303693fb4b0b_story.html